Selah and the Spades

Aug ‘18 - July ‘18

Directed by: Tayarisha Poe

Produced by: Lucas Joaquin, Lauren


Starring: Love Simone, Celeste

O’Connor, Jharrel Jerome,

Jesse Williams

The Artists Wife

Dec ’17 - Feb ’18

Directed by: Tom Dolby

Produced by: Mike Ryan, Payton Dunham

Starring: Bruce Dern, Lena Olin

The Art of Self Defense

Aug - Oct ’17

Directed by: Riley Stearns

Produced by: Cody Ryder, Andrew Kortschak

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Imogen Poots, Allesandro



Oct-Nov ’16

Directed by: Duncan Skiles

Produced by: Cody Ryder. Andrew Kortschak

Starring: Dylan McDermott, Charlie Plummer

Before Mars

August 16’

Directed by: Lloyd Lee Choi

Produced by: Variable // National Geographic

Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl

Oct-Nov ‘15

Directed by: Alex Calvo

Produced by: Mike Ryan

Starring: Quinn Shepherd, Erin Wilhelmi

Dark Night

June ’15

Director: Tim Sutton

Produced by: Alexandra Byer

*Official Selection: Sundance, Venice 2016





Oct - Nov ’14

Directed by: Zach Shedd

Produced by: Lisa Kjerulff // Flies Collective

Starring: David Call, Kelli Garner, David Davenport

*Official Selection: Seattle Film Fest 2016            

*Winner: LES Film Fest

King Jack

July-Aug ‘14

Directed by: Felix Thompson

Produced by: Gabrielle Nadig // Buffalo Picture House

Starring: Charlie Plummer, Christian Madsen

*Winner: 2015 Independent Spirit Award

*Winner: 2015 Tribeca Audience Award

Free In Deed

Jan-Feb ’14

Directed by: Jack Mahaffy

Produced by: Mike Ryan, Mike Bowes 

Starring: David Harewood, Edwina Findley

*Winner: 2015 Venice Film Festival, “New Horizons”

*Nominated: Independent Spirit Awards

Girl in The Book

June-July ’13

Directed by: Marya Cohn

Produced by: Varient

Starring: Emily Van Camp, Michael Nyqvist


April-May ’13

Directed by: Tim Sutton

Produced by: Alexandra Byer and John Baker

Starring: Willis Earl Beal

*Official Selection: Sundance 2014





January ’17

Directed by: Alex Murawski

Produced by: Zachary Kislevitz

Lucia, Before and After

July ’16

Directed by: Anu Valia

Produced by: Gabrielle Nadig, Buffalo Picture House

Starring: Sarah Goldberg

*Winner: Sundance 2017 Audience Award


June ’15

Directed by: Ryan Dickie

Produced by: Ryan Dickie


Oct ’13

Directed by: Anu Valia

Produced by: Tessa Treanor

Starring: Sarah Goldberg

On Women

Oct ’13

Directed by: Pam Wess

Produced by: Alexandra Byer


Aulani Resort // Disney

May ’17

Produced by: Yonder Content

NY Lottery

March ’17

Produced by: Cody Ryder


January ’17

Produced by: Yonder Content

Allina Health

December ’16

Produced by: Yonder Content

Service Now

December ’16

Produced by: Pederson Media

SHK Hotels

August ’16

Produced by: Smith NY


May ’16

Produced by: Epstein’s Fine Furs

Kybella // Botox

April 16

Produced by: Hatch Content


March ’16

Produced by: Epstein’s Fine Furs


March ’16

Produced by: Hatch Content

Google GSA

Feb ‘16

Produced by: Ghost Robot

Amazon // My Habit

Feb ’16

Produced by: Hatch Content


January ’16

Produced by: Hatch Content

Save the Date 

December ’15

Produced by: Funny or Die


November ’15

Produced by: Plenty


November ’15

Produced by: Vice

Old Spice

September ’15

Produced by: Plenty

Champs Athletic Wear

August ’15

Produced by: Jackpot in the West